ICT and Automation

Dr Matthias Riedl

In our society, communication has become a matter of course. Everybody, every device should be connected on every place in the world and nearly at any time. Technical backbone is often the wireless or radio technology. More and more consumer devices, used for private and business issues, use such a backbone. The depicted expectations can also be applied to devices used in industrial production. The used information technologies have to be adapted for reliable and dependable information exchange in production domains. Suitable interfaces considering security aspects will also be implemented in industrial devices. These basics are required for the realization of the high-tech strategy of German Government called Industry 4.0. Besides the improvement of flexibility in industrial production, also dispositive information has to be exchange between different companies. Thus engineering of productions systems has to be adapted too. The project autoAPSint (http://autoapsint.ifak.eu/) has deveoped first results especially  for small and medium sized enterprises. Concepts like Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) or Internet of Things (IoT) are considered by the team of the department of ICT and Automation. The new ideas will be integrated in several research projects or are offered as proposed solutions like DOME. In addition, the international standardization will be supported and is one of our focal points of the department. Our vision is to fulfil customer requests for best fitting solutions of interconnected, embedded industrial devices.