Transport and Assistance

Prof Hartmut Zadek

Mobility means a lot more than just to travel quickly from A to B. Demographic change, limited infrastructure resources and fossil fuels, but also laws for noise and environmental protection require new, intelligent mobility concepts. Cooperative and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are the key to a sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient mobility. Additionally, the use of mobility services as well as the equal participation in society require a good state of health. Assistive systems can help reduce or even compensate mobility constraints. Not only the smooth interaction of complex technical systems is critical – equally important is the cooperation between research, business, government and the public sector.

With the close scientific and technical exchanges between the research areas of the other ifak departments and with the interdisciplinary focus of the research and development projects, the department transport and assistance meets these claims. The knowledge and the scientific competence of the employees are the foundation for successful research and development. With this ambition strictly directed to innovation, the department transport and assistance also wants to assert itself in the competition of prospective R&D projects.